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ULTRA festival

Friday 30th April - Sunday 2nd May Online

ULTRA festival is back!

We can’t get together in person so we’re bringing you all together virtually for a weekend to celebrate ultrarunning in its many forms.

“Although ultrarunning is often seen by non-runners as ‘weird’ at best, ‘crazy’ at worst, we are all part of a wonderful, helpful and inclusive community. Despite the long distances we run, any socialising is usually brief. ULTRA festival will change that.”

Andy Nuttall, Editor, ULTRA magazine

ULTRA festival gives everyone, from veterans of 100-mile races to newbies with a burning desire to run further than a marathon, a chance to rub shoulders with some of ultrarunning's greats.

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Join us for a celebration of ultrarunning 30 April - 2 May


ULTRA festival is our way of supporting World Ultrarunning Day, which this year takes place on May 1st.

World Ultrarunning Day seeks to unite ultrarunning communities wherever they are around the globe, a call to action for each of us to take time to celebrate this unique sport. To share stories with others, in real-life and across social media, of the where, what, why and when people run long.

It will welcome in people who are interested in the sport, champion those already in it, and spread the word to those who haven’t yet heard about it. We can't think of any better way to do all that than via ULTRA festival!

100% of ULTRA festival proceeds will be donated to the Chris Lewis Support Fund.

Chris Lewis is the Patterdale Mountain Rescue volunteer who was critically injured whilst out on a recent rescue.

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Can't afford a ticket?

Although £5 may not seem much for a festival entry we recognise that the ongoing Covid-19 situation has made finances really tight for some people. We don't want anyone to have to miss out because of this, so we have made a free entry to ULTRA festival available to anyone who can't afford to pay.

Please email us at to request access to a private registration link. No explanation is required and none will be asked for, please email and we will simply send you a link to be able to register at no cost.

For those who can afford a little more, we have set up a ‘Pay It Forward’ ticket. This is a £10 ticket which effectively pays for you and helps us cover the cost for someone else who cannot afford a ticket. ULTRA festival incurs some costs to its organiser and the ticket prices help cover those. Any proceeds beyond this will be donated to charity.